Do you know where our plastics go?

More and more plastics are polluting our seas and ocean every day.
Did you know that the highest number of plastic pieces ever found in a 90-day-old sea bird, is 276? Can you imagine that?
Now let’s save that bird! Let’s save our marine life, tackle the plastic soup and turn this disaster into design. 276 pieces to be exactly, designed for life.

Change is a choice
We choose to invest in a living ocean through beautifully designed products. Products with a story, products that make a statement. Designed for a better world, designed for life.

Designed for life!

276 pieces is a label for design products, made of >95% circular content, and fully-recyclable. These radically different products stand for a better world with a cleaner ocean, turning 276 pieces of plastic waste into 276 pieces of design.
We support brands that use recycled plastics of that give us better alternatives.

We proudly present

Our products

Design Sofa

This design sofa by Gispen is made of >95% recycled plastics (mostly packaging foil & take-back materials).

Greentom Stroller

This design stroller by Greentom is made of > 97% recycled plastics.

Bicycle Saddle

This design bicycle saddle by Lilian van Daal is completely made by circular production.

Wishbone Bike recycled edition

This 3-in-1 bike is made of 100% recycled plastics.


POD for life lamp

This lamp is made of recycled
shampoo bottles.

Freitag Bag MacBook

This bag is made of recycled truck tarp, inner tubes and car safety belts.


This tray by 'VerdraaidGoed' is made out of 100% upcycled Dutch Railway Services information boards

elho watering can

This watering can by elho is
made of > 95% recycled plastics.

Charging station

This charging station by BB Bricks is made of > 95% recycled plastics.


This skateboard by Wasteboards is made of 100% recycled plastics;

wheels will be in the near future.


These sunglasses by Dick Moby are
made of > 97% recycled plastics.


These surfboards by Yuyo are
made of 95% biobased materials. 

Note: 90% recyclable.

Soap dish

This soap dish by Foekje Fleur is made of 100% recycled plastics

& fully-recyclable.

Phone cover

This phone cover by Fashion Things is
made of > 100% recycled PET

& fully-reyclable.

Urban composter

This urban composter is
made of > 100% recycled PP

& fully-reyclable.

Kid's chair

This kid's chair by ecoBirdy is made of 100% recycled plastics

& fully-recyclable.

Sound speaker

This sound speaker by Gomi design is made of 100% recycled plastics

& fully-recyclable.

Yoga mat

This yoga mat by Suga mats is

made of 100% recycled plastics

& fully-recyclable.

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